While being fascinating, the world of publishing often seems to the novice as complicated and full of vague terms. Our goal at Notssa Publishing is to facilitate the entire process of the publishing of a new a book. Starting from the concept of the book, through editing, text layout, cover design, printing, up to distribution.
Our favorite part is getting to know the writer, understand his vision for the book, and seeing the manuscript evolving into a final product that you can actually run your hands along its pages.
All this while ensuring that the writer maintains ALL right to the book.

We focus on the following main areas:
  • Books: Editing, manuscripts consulting, writing and rewriting, representation of rights of translated books, cover design, Layout, and more.
  • Design of related accessories: Catalogs, games, boxes etc.
  • Production support: Facilitation and production of books from concept to shelf with printing services in both Israel and China.
  • Publishing eBooks on Amazon: Editing, illustrating, registration and uploading to amazon.
Keren Amram - Senior Graphic Designer

Keren graduated from Vital School for Design (now Schenker), with a degree in Graphic Design. She began her professional career with the Israeli Kids TV Channel, served as an art director for G. Kid (a subsidiary of G. Yafit); held a key position in the formation of the advertising company "Zivlin young communications" after which she founded P2 designers’ studio. 
In  2006, Keren partnered with Yael Ornan to found Notssa Publishing

Among her responsibilities are – managing the studio, graphic editing, designing covers of books, boxes and various accessories; prepress; ongoing work with designers/ illustrators/ photographers, printing presses and paper supplies; as well as advice services on graphic design.
Yael Ornan - Editor in Chief

A Passionate reader and a continuously advocate of the love of books and reading. Her 15 years of experience in the books industry started with The Institute of Translation of Hebrew Literature. Yael has participated in numerous international book fairs, and served for five years as the commercial director of the large chain of bookstores - Steimatzky. 
Her tenure at Steimatzky and at ITHL has provided her with a wealth of experience in marketing and distribution, and foreign rights.  Later on, Yael began to engage in content and served, as head of the Department of publishing at “Zivlin”. In 2006 she partnered with Keren Amram to found Notssa Publishing.

Among her responsibilities are - content editing, managing linguistic editors; writing and rewriting services, consulting manuscripts; representation of translation rights abroad.